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The Motor Specialist for the Forklift Industry.
Our motors are completely remanufactured, not just rebuilt. All motors regardless of type or size, are remanufactured to OEM specifications and are covered by our "No Hassle" guarantee, which goes into effect only after the unit is put into service.

Disclaimer for the AC Electric motors, that if their core return needs a stator rewind, a $600 core deduction will be applied.

There are no core back charges on DC motors. We offer free quotes to all customers, and all options are discussed, eliminating any surprise cost.

13 Re-manufacturing Steps

1. Every Motor is Completely Disassembled, Cleaned and Inspected.

2. Armatures are Re-insulated.

3. Shafts and Commutators are Dial Indicated, Turned True and Undercut.

4. Armatures are Dynamically Balanced.

5. Armatures are Ground Tested and Checked for Shorts with both a Growler

and Bar-to-Bar Tester.

6. Rewinds are Pre-Heated and Double-Dipped and Baked.

7. Housing Elements are Sandblasted and Glass Bead Polished.

8. Electrical Connections are Silver Soldered.

9. Broken, Burned or Damaged Brush Holders are Replaced with Either an OEM or a Custom-Made Insulator Ring.

10. New Brushes, Bearings, Seals, Insulators and Hardware are Installed.

11. Units are Fully Tested to Ground: Megger or Hi Pot at 500 to 2,500 Volts.

12. Units are Fully Load Tested to OEM Specfications for Proper Voltage, Amp Draw and RPM. All Parts and Workmanship are Guaranteed to Equal or Exceed OEM Specifications.

13. "No Hassle" Guarantee Which Goes Beyond That Provided by the OEM and Which Goes into Effect Only After the Unit is Put into Service.

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