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13 Re-manufacturing Steps

  • Every Motor is Completely Disassembled, Cleaned and Inspected.

  • Armatures are Re-insulated

  • Shafts and Commutators are Dial Indicated, Turned True and Undercut.

  • Armatures are Dynamically Balanced.

  • Armatures are Ground Tested and Checked for Shorts with both a Growler and Bar-to-Bar Tester.

  • Rewinds are Pre-Heated and Double-Dipped and Baked. 

  • Housing Elements are Sandblasted and Glass Bead Polished

  • Electrical Connections are Silver Soldered.

  • Broken, Burned or Damaged Brush Holders are Replaced with Either an OEM or a Custom-Made Insulator Ring.

  • New Brushes, Bearings, Seals, Insulators and Hardware are Installed.

  • Units are Fully Tested to Ground: Megger or Hi Pot at 500 to 2,500 Volts.

  • Units are Fully Load Tested to OEM Specifications for Proper Voltage, Amp Draw and RPM. All Parts and Workmanship are Guaranteed to Equal or Exceed OEM Specifications

  • "No Hassle" Guarantee Which Goes Beyond That Provided by the OEM and Which Goes into Effect Only After the Unit is Put into Service.

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